Preventive Law Practice

Preventive law practice is a unique area of our practice by which we assist corporate clients to enhance their capacity to do business within the legal environment in which they are established.

By this practice we seek to enable an enterprise develop systems by which it can avoid, manage, limit or minimise legal liability from business operations as well as business losses from fraud and bad debts. This in turn results in a reduction in expenditure on legal costs that would otherwise be incurred in defending claims or trying to recover bad debts.

Preventive law practice entails our conducting a comprehensive legal audit on an enterprise to evaluate its current business situation, identify legal risks affecting it, explore corrective measures and offer advice on improvement of business systems to ensure compliance with the law and a reduction in potential for legal liability or business losses from fraud or bad debts. Where the need arises we offer training to client’s staff to enable them appreciate the legal framework within which they operate and its impact on operations of their enterprise.